Every parent wants the best for their child and it is important to have a strong foundation. Together with other NIE-certified tutors with more than 10 years of teaching experience, we at Awesome Academy@SG are proud to present our enrichment programmes for students. Through our programmes, we hope to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to empower your child to reach their potential and excel in English, Malay, Mathematics and Science.

Our Programmes

Every child needs to establish a common ground, acquire his basic knowledge of each subject and understand his capability. These are the programmes we offer to help them reach these objectives.



Students to be able to read and comprehend, write and orally describe using proper grammar and vocabulary.


Expanding vocabulary with proper sentence structure for their composition and oral conversations.


Speed and accuracy. Students shall master this section to gain self-confidence in calculations.


Students will be able to solve commonly asked word problems using simple but effective strategies.

SciUsing our Answering Technique strategy, students can answer MCQs and open-ended questions effectively.


We believe in instilling positive attitude and confidence among students to discover the best within themselves to excel in their academics and beyond school life.