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Back to School!


Yay!!! Or do we see a frown somewhere?

This entry is about 3 weeks late, but better late than never!

SO how has it been? There should be some level of excitement among you guys, having to see the little ones back in school, after a 6-week end of the year vacation. There has been a tremendous amount of spending done (we’re NOT talking about the vacation) for the new list/s of school books and stationery – which we had convinced ourselves as worthy investments for the future.

By now the dust should have settled. For the experienced parents, it’s just another “new” school term, and that the kids have got used to the daily routine, at home and in school. It has turned out to be just another day, week, month… another test, another exam, and soon it’s just another PSLE, just like how we used to have it back then.

What else is new?

Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Hands up if we are guilty of this. Myself included. Sometimes.

So here’s a little something to think about.


1- Conversation with the little ones.

“With school starting, parents wonder what they can do to help their children succeed. Almost everyone knows that reading books with young children is important, and it is. But even more important is that we talk with our children. A lot. The more talk children engage in with adults, the bigger their vocabularies will become.”


With the very little time we have with our children daily, we have not quite been spending a considerable amount of time talking with them. Even if there is, it could have been typically as a parent giving them instructions for daily chores and duties.

We have not been really engaging them with some “real conversations”. Unless they are the ones who open up to us, starting to tell us about what had been happening in school, among their friends, what they have been up to… otherwise we do not normally ask them of their day, or week.

Children may not have a lot to share about.  (Oh really?) We can simply conclude that and say “Oh he’s just a little introvert,” or we have yet to bring out the best of him, no matter how extrovert (talkative) they are.

Have we ever sat down with them to watch an episode of their favourite Nickelodeon series, cartoon or comedy? (Just because we do not have any / much of such programmes like that produced locally.) It is just about 30 mins or so, but this is a learning experience not to be missed.

By accompanying them for one episode, (maybe awkwardly) we have the chance to learn what or why they may have liked the series so much. We are getting involved in their “world” (of course it’s a LOT different from ours).


…then and now…


The story shall not end when it ends. It is a beginning of a conversation with your children, engage them with issues / plot of the story. Asking them who’s who among the other than the “What, Why, When, How” questions to get them started on the conversation, which should somehow lead to another relatable topic, and by the time you realise it, it’s past their bedtime.


Oh hey, its your first homework for the week!

…and we have not started with other subjects yet. Hehe… Stay tuned!



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